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Best Bidet for Women - Etshera Housewares

Best Bidet for Women

Personal hygiene and physical comfort are important, and a bidet is one of the best ways to keep your body clean and happy! If you are not familiar with a bidet for women, it is important to know that it is a device that uses water to clean instead of toilet paper. Now let’s find out the best bidet for women!

The absolute best bidet for women is the The Blaux Portable Bidet! There are also other stand out models such as the LUXE Bidet Neo 320, the Toto Mobile Shower Toilet, the Brondell Travel Bidet if you are on a budget. Essentially, a bidet for women should have a low pressure setting to be one of the best.

In this article, we are going to go through the many pros and cons of some of the market’s best bidets for women, as well as the best portable option, whether or not they are safe for women, and even how to use one! So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about the best bidet for women right here!

What is a Bidet for Women?

Before we dig into the best bidet for women, it is important to first understand exactly what this device is!

A bidet is a portable or stationary personal cleanser that uses water to wash your genitals and rectum. It is either a toilet accessory, travel device, or stand alone fixture that helps clean waste and germs from the body with a stream of water.

While bidets are quite popular in Europe and Asia, in the USA they are more common in luxury hotels and wealthy homes. But You don’t have to be rich to enjoy a clean and healthy body! It is a common misconception that bidets are expensive, and as you are about to find out, there are many affordable bidet options!

Best Bidet for Women - Etshera

Many people also assume that a bidet is a separate fixture from the toilet, but as you now know, there are toilet attachment bidets and even portable bidets that fit in your pocket so you can always be clean and healthy without remodeling your bathroom.

Bidets are technically gender neutral devices and can be used by anyone, however, doctors and gynecologists highly recommend bidets for women as they are a fantastic way to keep your body as clean and healthy as possible!

As we discuss the best bidet for women, it is important to remember that there are certain aspects to different makes and models that best suit a woman's needs and her body.

Woman at bathtub with flowersPicture from Hanna Postova in Unsplash

Are Bidets Safe for Women?

If you have seen a bidet in a hotel room or on television, it may have looked kind of intense. Spraying water directly at your genitals is not something we are used to, so you may be asking yourself: Are bidets safe for women?

Good news! Not only are bidets extremely safe to use, they are actually very beneficial to your physical health and are recommended by most doctors if you are suffering from a medical ailment such as hemorrhoids, genital diseases or rashes, or even after labor or sexual intercouse.

In fact, bidets are much better for your body (and the environment) than traditional toilet paper!

Blaux Portable bidet

Why is Toilet Paper Not the Best Option?

America is really behind the times when it comes to bathroom hygiene, and in fact, most Europeans and Asians use a bidet and think toilet paper is totally crazy.

Interestingly, doctors agree! Toilet paper is not only an inefficient way to clean the body, using it can also increase the chance of hemorrhoids, cause irritation, spread germs and disease, and is generally quite uncomfortable.

Another important factor to consider is that toilet paper is extremely bad for the environment! The average person uses 141 rolls of toilet paper every year, and it is certainly more for women. That means that over 27,000 trees are cut down every year to make toilet paper alone!

By opting for a bidet and skipping the paper, you can do your part for the globe all while feeling squeaky clean!

A lot of toilet papers

Picture of Kev Bation in Unsplash

What Are the Health Benefits of a Bidet?

There are essentially endless health benefits of using a bidet and absolutely no negative side effects!

Because a bidet is simply water, it is just like having a mini shower for your genitals and your bottom. But because when using a bidet, you are skipping traditional toilet paper, there are a few specific advantages you will notice:

  • A bidet removes all fecal matter, decreasing the risk of airborne diseases.
  • It will decrease the amount of bacteria in your urine.
  • Limit the spreading of germs.
  • Decrease the risk of hemorrhoids.
  • It will decrease your chance of contracting a yeast infection.
  • Increase vaginal health.

If you are starting to understand why so many people around the world love bidets, and why a bidet for women might be a great choice for you, let’s find out which bidets are the best so you can get one for yourself!

Comfortable woman after bath

Picture of Vinicius "amnx" Amano in Unsplash

What is the Difference Between a Bidet and a Portable Bidet?

There are a lot of different types of bidets! And while it can feel overwhelming to try and find the right one for you, the first thing you need to decide is if you want a toilet bidet, i.e. one that attaches to your toilet at home, or a portable one.

Bidets for the home are convenient as you do not have to bring them with you, however, it means you can only use this fantastic personal cleanser when you are in your own bathroom!

You can get a bidet as an entirely separate fixture than your toilet, with which you would simply move from the toilet to the bidet (which looks a lot like a toilet) to clean yourself.

However, the newer and more popular models connect directly to the toilet as well as to the water stream your toilet already provides and simply directs the water at your backside when you turn it on.

Portable bidets are great for life on the road, at work, events, or really anywhere you want to take care of your body and feel as clean as can be! They are small and usually look like a water bottle for discretion.

Portable bidets can usually be filled with either warm or cold water, depending on your preference, and are either eclectic or non-electric.

What is the Best Bidet for Women?

As you now know, there are tons of options when it comes to choosing a bidet for women! Before we list our favorites, it is important to understand what makes a bidet for women different from other bidets.

The most important factor when it comes to choosing a bidet for women is the water pressure it releases. Logically, you will certainly want a more intense pressure for your bottom than you do for your genitals. When removing waste, it is important that the bidet gets anything left behind to keep you healthy and happy, however, for genitals, you really only need a light cleansing pressure.

The bottom line: the best bidets for women offer a lower pressure setting.

Our favorite non-portable bidet for women is the LUXE Bidet Neo 320. It is easy to install in your toilet at home and has the low pressure setting that is best for women, as well as every other important feature, including a hygiene nozzle guard to keep the bidet itself clean!

What is the Best Portable Bidet for Women?

Although stationary bidets are great, our favorite type of bidets are portable! it is just so convenient to be able to be clean and healthy everywhere you go.

If you think you might need a portable bidet (and we really think you do) it is important to find out which bidet is best for women, as well as the many pros and cons of each make and model. So let’s dig in!

  1. The Blaux Portable Bidet. We are just so excited about the Blaux Bidet! Not only is it compact and a great travel bidet, it is also discreet: you can fit it in your purse or even in your pocket!

It is extremely easy to use, and has the pressure settings every woman wants. As an electric portable bidet, all you have to do is charge the device, fill the bottle with water, point, and press a button!

And, of course, you can change the pressure from low to high, which makes it the perfect bidet for women. For us… Blaux Portable Bidet the best option in the market.

Women filling Blaux Portable bidet with water
  1. The Brondell Bidet. As a company, Brondell actually makes several different portable bidet for women models, and most users agree that they’re all pretty great!

One of the best features of their popular GoSpa Travel Bidet is the pop up nozzle which ensures the appliance stays germ free when you are not using it.

The downside to Brondell’s bidets is that none of them have buttons, but instead offer a soft squeezable bottle. Unfortunately, the bottle model doesn’t allow for quite as much pressure as a button bidet (such as the Blaux Bidet) and there is no way to adjust the pressure settings.

  1. The Toto Mobile Toilet Shower. The third and final portable bidet for women that we recommend is an eclectic portable bidet that also offers a pop-up hygienic nozzle and all the other features needed for a great bidet!

The downside to the Toto Mobile Toilet Shower is that even though it is small, it is not nearly as small as the Blaux Bidet and it cannot fit in your small purse or pocket.

If you are ready to purchase a portable bidet and change the way you clean, the Blaux Bidet is really the way to go. Luckily you can find it right here available for order now!

How Does a Woman Use a Portable Bidet?

If your portable bidet is on the way, it is important to learn how to use it!

Luckily, portable bidets are fairly straight forward, just fill up the canister with water, point, shoot, and cleanse.

Some people have reported that getting the stream direction exactly right does take a little practice, but here’s a couple of helpful tips: To wash off after a bowel movement, reach around from behind and point the nozzle directly at your rear. To clean the genitals, position the bottle between the legs so that the water sprays from front to back.

Remember, as a woman, the best tactic for safely and comfortably using a bidet is to use the higher pressure setting on your rear, and the lower pressure setting on your genitals.

Blaux Portable bidet

Especially when you are on your cycle, it is important to be gentle with your vagina. You will notice the difference.

Got it? You are ready to start using a bidet!

Who Are Bidets For?

Of course, bidets are for everyone! However, it is important to know that women specifically really benefit from using a bidet.

They keep us clean and healthy, all while feeling fresh and fabulous!

Portable bidets are also a great option for women who have recently gone through labor, been in an accident and have trouble with mobility, elderly women, and women who have recently had sexual intercourse.

No matter what your personal situation is, a bidet is a great choice, however, if you fall into one of the categories listed above, you really should invest in a portable bidet.

Blaux Portable bidet

The Bottom Line

You now have all the information you need about the best bidet for women to make a conscious and confident purchase!

Hopefully, you also understand why bidets are a great option for your health and comfort, as well as why they are a much better option than toilet paper, the many health benefits that come with using a bidet, why you should choose a bidet for women, and pretty much everything else there is to know about these handy devices!

If you still haven’t ordered your portable bidet, what are you waiting for? You can get the best of the best right here!

Blaux Portable bidet
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