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Cute Gardening Outfits–What’s Your Gardening Style? - Etshera Housewares

Cute Gardening Outfits–What’s Your Gardening Style?

Any gardener will tell you the outfit for the job has to be durable and comfortable. Gardening means long hours outdoors in all types of weather, which means temperature regulation, water-proofing and breathability are important clothing considerations.

From sturdy garden boots to protective gloves, floppy hats, functional aprons and eyewear, gardening apparel is specially designed to help you get the job done.

But isn’t gardening going to be that much better if you can look great while you’re doing it?

A chic gardening outfit will make you feel fabulous, which in turn, makes you want to get outside to work the yard. Maybe especially the front yard!

Beginner Gardeners and Seasoned Gardeners—Great Gardening Outfit Ideas are for Everyone!

The hottest new trend is gardening—last year prompted a huge spike in gardening interest, probably the biggest in recent memory!

Everyone is out gardening, from seasoned yard lovers to loads of gardening newbies earning their green thumbs.

Woman with fun color pink boots - Etshera

If you’re a new gardener, you want to get the clothes that help you fit in—so you aren’t out there looking like a rookie. You’ve all heard of fake it til you make it, right?

If you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ve always watched for the latest accessories or clothing that can better safeguard and support you during long hours spent weeding and digging in the dirt. You know how important it is to have comfortable all-day all-weather protection from the elements while planting or landscaping.

Gardeners new and old both want gardening style.

We want fun clothes, cool accessories and great outfits that we look forward to being seen in out in our gardens. Every great moment can be a photo op and gardener selfies just got that much better—with a little attention to garden outfit style!

Gardening outfits are about reflecting personal taste. Maybe you’re a fashionista. Maybe you’re a traditionalist or maybe you’re more Zen garden style.

The best gardening outfit is about being prepared. Whatever your garden style, you need the pants, the hat, the hair clip, the gloves, the apron or tool belt and the perfect shoes that let you work comfortably, so you can feel and look good all day.

This is 2022. And you’re not your mother’s gardener…

Cute Gardening Outfits 101

happy woman gardening in blue dress with hat - Etshera

Your gardening clothes need to look as good as your flowers, they have to be comfortable too, and you want them to last.

A cute gardening outfit should be easy to move around and stretch in.

It should be durable with reinforced seams. You need to feel okay about getting dirt on your gardening clothes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to look cute!

When you look and feel fantastic in your gardening outfit, you’ll look adorable in all those selfies you take in front of your prize dahlias. Having a cute gardening outfit that you really want to wear gives you that extra bit of incentive to spend even more time in the garden…

And isn’t more time in the garden what life is really about?

Stylish Gardening Footwear Pampers Your Feet and Keeps You Dry!

beautiful Asian farmer woman holding lemon basket - Etshera

Sturdy, comfortable, waterproof footwear is first and foremost in every gardener’s closet.

Some high-quality brands for gardening shoes or fashionable work boots include Hunters (my favorite are the Gardening Clogs in Vintage Green!), The Original Muck Boot Company, YakTrax, Timberland, Crocs and Sloggers.

Don’t forget to pick up rubber boot trays and boot cleaners—they’re great accessories for helping keep the earth and mud out of your home.

Gardening clogs are the perfect complement to cute gardening outfits in the summertime. In the tougher fall and winter seasons, for hard work, you’ll want heavy-duty overshoes for your yard work. But even these can be stylish! Etsy offers the most unique options.

For a classic Wellington Boot that states “I love my plants no matter what the weather” check out Barbour Tempest Wellingtons in classic Olive. These boots look stylish with grippy soles and have a neoprene lining for warmth.

DIY Project Idea for Old Boots:

How about strap your worn-out Wellies to the fence boards as planters? Super cute with colorful kids’ rubber boots, Wellingtons can also make bespoke planters filled with daisies by the porch door in summertime. Remember to punch a hole in the sole so the water can drain out and upcycle your garden style!

Cute Gardening Gloves–Is Any Other Kind Worth Wearing?

blonde woman with hat carrying petunias - Etshera

Remember that movie American Beauty (named after the rose!) with Annette Benning looking so gorgeous, secateurs in hand, a white apron and kid leather gardening gloves as she starts in on the pruning?

You need to have cute gardening gloves too—so you can prune your American Beauties without scratching up your hands and get that classic Hollywood look.

The best pair of gardening goes a long way toward your comfort and productivity. Cute gardening gloves that color coordinate with your hat go a long way toward pulling your gardening outfit together and completing your personal gardening style.

Gardening gloves come in many kinds of designs and materials (leather, bamboo, latex and nylon!) with various features, including extra grip and cushioning, waterproofing, and mesh breathable panels to help regulate hand temperature.

You can shop in a wide range from cost-effective to high-end gardening gloves.

Some of my favorites include Clip Gloves, Stihl, Burgon and Ball, Town and Country, and the adorable Watson Gloves I bought in rose-print, You Grow Girl, available on Amazon.

Cute gardening gloves need to have strong and flexible designs so they can protect cute hands from cuts, dirt, and excess moisture.

Overall, thin lightweight gloves are the best cover for potting and planting because dexterity and being able to feel what you’re doing is important.

Heavy-duty gardening gloves are the best protection and support when you’re using tools and doing tough landscaping jobs, especially if you’re working outside in cold weather or tending to the rose garden.

Unique gardening gloves with fingertip claws can help you sift through the dirt without ruining your manicure…

Think of them as stiletto nails—for gardening divas!

Garden Hats are Wear it’s At

Beautiful dark hair woman gardener holding flowers - Etshera

Okay, let’s be honest. Not everyone looks the cutest in a floppy sun hat, but those who do are so totally adorable the rest of us want to copy their look desperately. Until we try on said floppy sun hat and check out the image in the mirror…

But I say, don’t worry about it!

One of the best things about gardening hats is how many cute styles there are that can complement all the different jobs you have to do in your backyard.

There are so many hats, some gardeners complain about buyer decision paralysis!

There really is a gardening hat out there for every face shape and every garden chore. I can help you through your gardening hat selection process so that you look stylish and get that much needed protection from the elements while you’re out there digging under your butterfly bushes this spring.

Here are some things to think about when you’re choosing your garden hat:


o Some hats save the top of your head from sunlight, others add face shade with the help of wide brims

o Savvy gardeners choose hats with big brims for sun protection in summertime and during winter brimless hats are typical

Brim Size

o A wide brim is the most effective at protecting you from UV rays but can also restrict your view!

o Generally, a four to six inch brims are normal, but go for bigger if you tend to skip using sunscreen (better yet, never forget the sunscreen)


o Cotton or polyester blends are typical cloth materials for gardening hats

o Cotton absorbs sweat, microfibers can help with ventilation especially if the hat has peek-a-boo mesh panels

o A cute gardening outfit needs a cute hat, a classic straw sunhat may be the breathable material of choice that completes your harvest look

beautiful farmer-type woman in veg garden - Etshera


o A minimalistic approach could mean something less than the typical garden hat—how about a multi-colored bandana? A cute headband with a bow?

o Go for options that keep hair out of your face, prevent sunstroke or windchill, and look great


o Remember light colors reflect heat and darker colors absorb heat

o Some colors fade in the sun while others stand up well

o Think of your hat color as an opportunity to tie the outfit together


o Summer gardening means protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays

o Summer gardening hats are usually wide-brimmed to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles

o Winter gardening is about warmth, so a brimless beanie may be the right thing to look cute and keep comfortable


o Some hats can be thrown in the washing machine just like old jeans when they get dirty

o Some straw hats can’t get wet or can hardly be washed at all

o Remember your gardening hat has a high probability of coming up against some dirt

Decide what you want in a gardening hat then try on some styles. Ask yourself if what you see in the mirror is the look you want for the garden.

Choosing a hat is all about comfort and your personal gardening style. Time of year will advise: sun hat or beanie.

Eye Protection in the Garden–It’s Real and it’s Chic

smiling woman wearing sunglasses gardening - Etshera

You may remember your old dad out there in the summer heat mowing the lawn with his goggles on, and you may start to cringe. You may not want to think about eye protection when you’re gardening as having any part in your cute gardening style, until I tell you a secret…

It’s as simple as sunglasses.

You don’t have to look like a Class-A Dork just because you care about eye safety. And let’s be honest, when projectiles are flying from the mower blades and pollen is dropping from the hedges you’re trimming overhead, eye protection isn’t something anyone wants to be precious about.

Here are some practical considerations for your gardening eye protection lenses:

  • Are they anti-fog?
  • Do they offer UV protection?
  • Do you need a prescription?

Beyond three considerations, there’s no limit to style! I suggest checking out the hottest trends in sunglasses for the season. We know they all offer the UV protection you need—that’s why they’re called sunglasses (duh).

Ask two, even more, basic questions:

  • Does this eye-wear put a physical barrier (in other words: lenses) between your eyes and [insert pollen, projectile of choice here]?
  • Can you see clearly through that physical barrier?

Those chic sunglasses you’ve been ogling? I bet you cash money they answer yes to both questions! They can really be your next pair of gardening goggles. No joke.

Suspenders, Overalls and Jumpsuits for the Win

Everyone knows famous British gardener Monty Don looks adorable in his suspenders and high waisted plum colored trousers...

cute woman wearing apron tending to flowers - Etshera

You can get a similar traditional look with a cute-take by layering your gardening suspenders over tank tops and choosing flirty patterns paired with jeans.

When we think about gardening, beyond the suspenders we think about the overalls. And there is some time-tested truth as to why the traditional gardening outfit calls for a good old pair of jeans overalls and a flannel shirt you aren’t afraid to get dirty.

All gardeners love overalls about as much as they love gingham and plaid. Overalls are cozy, functional, durable, roomy—and dare I say stylish?

No more worries about bending over and exposing your bum cheeks to the unsuspecting neighbor! No stress about tugging up your pants as you lug around heavy bags of soil.

Don’t even think about those irritating tight waistbands on your jeans as you’re crouching to plant your herbaceous border

Then there’s the massive pockets to obsess over! The more pockets in your overalls, and the deeper they are, the happier you will be while you’re gardening.

The fashion world offers us an even cuter new take on traditional overalls: that is, the jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are kind of like overalls in that they’re spacious and comfy—but depending on the fabric and style, they might not be so durable. That said, jumpsuits are a summery choice for the overall effect of classic overalls morphed into a cute gardening outfit. Try wearing a jumpsuit as you harvest the herbs.

On balmy summer days, try layering overalls or your jumpsuit with a sports bra or patterned bikini top. When it gets really muggy try a hands-free wearable AC that wraps around your neck and keeps you breezy. How’s that for a hot gardening style!

Khaki Pants, Cargo Pants, Utility pants and the Boyfriend Jeans

cute gardening men - Etshera

Utility pants are always in style for outdoor yard wear. Pants with pockets on the outer thighs give a handy place to stash your garden tools. Keep the leggings for layering.

Every fashionista looks adorable wearing khaki in the veggie patch. It’s the best of the lightweight gardening clothes… Don’t believe me? Go ahead and browse Instagram or TikTok. You’ll see.

Kahki pants and cute printed tees are gardening style at its ultimate cutest.

Hair smoothed back in a classic bandana or wide headband with a flouncy bow... Touch of lip gloss and you’re good to go, don’t forget your spade and hoe.

Boyfriend jeans are the cutest comfort you can find in denim and wearing them in your backyard looks and feels great.

Boyfriend jeans are boy-cut so they hang loose and comfortable on a woman’s body. They’re especially cute paired with a flowy, flowery peasant blouse in the garden. For flirty flair, try rolling up the legs of your jeans.

On hotter days, try jean cut-off shorts or denim capris and let some breeze on your bare skin.

Whether they’re utility, khaki, denim overalls or snakeskin tights (there’s a statement!) make sure your gardening pants let you bend, squat, stretch and otherwise move freely.

Gardening isn’t just about posing for photos… Okay sometimes yes, it is.

A Cute Skirt, A Summer Dress—Gardening Outfits That Can Be Truly Girly

White dress with peonies - Etshera

Wearing a pretty summer dress is the cute gardener’s dream. You’ll love the look and feel of a flowy, flowery sundress while you’re carrying a basket of peonies or harvesting the heritage tomatoes.

Dresses are the prettiest way to feel comfortable in the garden while letting you do easy work, like light weeding, watering plants and berry picking.

Try slipping on a casual midi-skirt with your favorite tiny tank, crop top or tee. A loose-fitting cotton or denim skirt allows for free movement and lets you feel beautiful in your garden.

For the best garden dresses, opt for natural fabrics like cotton or rayon. Pair with a floppy straw hat for an adorable garden-chic look that is still mostly practical!

Gardening Vests for the Layered Approach can still be Cute Gardening Outfits

Experienced gardeners love layers. As the weather changes, the last thing you want to do is trek inside your house to change your outfit only to adjust to a more comfortable temperature.

Once you go back indoors, who knows what could happen next? Maybe you’ll decide you need a cup of coffee because you’re tired, then you get sucked into checking your messages from friends. Before you know it, you’ve wasted all the precious time you set aside just for gardening!

Instead, be prepared and design your gardening outfit for success.

Try layering multiple thinner pieces of clothing you can peel off and put back on as needed. You want to be able to adjust your body temperature while you stay outside—to suit your physical exertion, the outdoor space and the rise of the sun across the sky.

The weather can change in an instant and temperature fluctuates in cycles creating a need for versatility. It’s especially noticeable when you begin early in the morning and work in the garden until late in the evening.

Your gardening outfit has to change as your needs change at different times in the day.

Jeans or khakis are the cutest paired with tiny tees, of course, but shirts with long or three-quarter-length sleeves will fit over them to stop thorns and scratchy branches from ruining your day.

My favorite pick for windy days is an oversized cozy hoodie with a pouch where I can warm my hands and stash my secateurs. The hoodie covers a long sleeve layer, a short sleeve layer and a tank top, no problem.

Woman with carrots and rolled up jeans - Etshera

Stylish but Toasty Warm! Do you know that when you keep the breeze off your neck you help your body stay warmer?

The infinity scarf is a garden fashionista accessory that you can buy in all colors and patterns (although classic black is my personal favorite). Pull up the infinity scarf around your ears to get neck protection from the wind. Roll down the infinity scarf and regulate your comfort.

When it comes to layers for gardening, vests are the very best light layer that allows for free arm movement.

Freedom for arms is essential for comfortable gardening. Your core body temperature can be regulated—especially warmer with a puffy vest—and your arms get unrestricted range of motion. You can weed and dig to your heart’s content.

Added Gardening Vest Bonus! Specialized vests for the garden have nifty pockets and tool loops plus adorable flower pattern options.

Every gardener who’s ever left a trail of plant tags or tomato ties like breadcrumbs in a fairy tale (so that means every gardener everywhere) knows what I mean and understands why you’ll love wearing a gardening vest when you’re out in the yard.

Aprons, Tool Belts, and Fanny Packs, Oh My!

Gardening aprons protect your clothing from the dirt while you’re potting and planting. They also have handy pockets for storing odds and sods while you work.

Garden tool belts are like fanny packs that tie or clip around the waist with more of those clever pockets and loops for securing tools and tucking away seeds.

Both can be found in pretty floral designs or trendy polka dots and all your favorite colors to kit-out your gardening style. Particularly cute ones come in denim or canvas fabrics with ties and bows and possibilities for matching sets.

Some brands to look for at the store if you want the best gardening apron are Eschert Design, Bunny Street (I love their adorable Pinafore Garen Apron!) or Roo or Readywares on Amazon have you covered, plus old familiars Kent and Stowe and Burgon and Ball.

Earbuds—Garden For Longer with a Little Help from Bluetooth Technology

Gardeners of olden times didn’t have ear buds. But you can bet they wish they did.

Nothing passes time in the garden like a great audiobook (I’m totally addicted to cozy mysteries) or hearing your favorite podcast or playlist while you do your gardening jobs.

All you’ll need is your phone nearby, some Bluetooth technology and wireless earbuds. BLXBuds are my favorite—they’re black so they won’t show dirt and blend in with any cute gardening outfit. They come with a little charging case and noise reduction technology. Best of all, they’re actually affordable!

Your Gardening Wardrobe and that Elusive Green Thumb

female farmer with cherry tomatoes wearing cute gingham -Etshera

The more comfortable clothing and adorable options you have for gardening, the easier it will be to get dressed and get out there.

I can promise you this: Get the best gardening clothes and accessories and you’ll feel like working in the garden for longer!

A cute gardening outfit affects your experience of gardening and how good you’ll feel while doing it. If you look your best, you’re going to want to do your best. This cultivates joy—and possibly even a green thumb!

Just go for it! Dare to look cute in your garden.

A cute gardening outfit that you love to wear with accessories you want and a pair of earbuds to help pass the time—these are the ingredients for happy gardening and happy plants.

I hope all your gardening dreams come true. And I can’t wait to see the selfies to prove it.

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