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Do Space Heaters Use A Lot of Electricity

A space heater can be handy for adding some extra warmth to a colder room that your furnace can't seem to heat. Some people who don't have a built-in furnace or heating and air unit rely on them during the winter. With rising utility prices, some may wonder if this is cost-effective.

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity? Both power company officials and home improvement experts say they do. These heaters are small but most average around 1,500 watts of electricity and that can seriously add to your power bill depending on how much you use it.

Read further to get more information about using a space heater efficiently.

How much electricity does a space heater use per day?

The key to determining if you have an energy-efficient space heater is to look at the wattage. Every space heater, whether it's a portable heater or a ceramic heater, will have the amount of wattage it uses listed on its specs.

That is a label that also contains the serial and model numbers usual near where the power cord exits the device. It may also be in your owner's manual or on a sales tag at the store.

Some units have a variable power selector allowing you to select low or high, and even the temperature. Wattage is better controlled with these models. You need to multiply the listed wattage by the number of hours you use the space heater to get the kilowatt hours. That is the amount of electricity your heater uses daily.

Blaux heatcore mini heater

Is it cheaper to use a space heater than electric heat?

Both home experts and power officials say it is cheaper to use electric heat than a space heater. It depends on how much of your house you want to heat or how big your home is. In some cases, it may be cheaper to use a small heater over electric heat.

Electric furnaces are designed to evenly control the heat and automatically shut off when the temperature is reached. Small heaters heat up quickly but run continuously unless you have a temperature-control model that will shut off when the room temperature is reached or one that is set through a timer.

In a price comparison, an electric HVAC unit cost between $130 to $180 a month to run to heat the entire house. A space heater using 1,500 watts, depending on what the power company is charging per kilowatt hour, would cost up to $40 a month to heat one room for eight hours a day.

Do Space Heaters Use A Lot of Electricity

How much electricity does a space heater use per hour?

Unless the heater label states differently, most will use 1,500 watts of electricity per hour. That is the same as convection ovens and, interestingly, curling irons.

Most people don't need a heater that works all day but like their personal space warmer while they are there. In that situation, a mini heater may be the right choice. A quality heater like Blaux Heatcore mini heater can heat your space quickly and use less electricity than a standard space heater.

Do Space Heaters Use A Lot of Electricity

How much electricity does a space heater use per month?

The amount a heater uses in electricity per month depends on its exact wattage and how much you use it. People don't always use a space heater all day, every day but typically use it to add instant heat to a colder room or to provide extra warmth to their furnace on an exceptionally cold day.

Calculating the math using the standard of 1,500 watts an hour for a normal space heater and using a heater eight hours a day would give the result of 360,000 watts a month. That would be 12,000-kilowatt hours a day.

How much will a space heater raise my electric bill?

A space heater can add $30 to $40 on average to your electric bill a month, according to power officials. The final bill depends on whether you have an energy-efficient model, a large portable heater, or a ceramic space heater, how much you use it, and how much the power company charges per kilowatt hour.

There are some things you can do to reduce the amount of electricity a space heater uses.

Electric bill

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Don't heat unused rooms.

Shutting off rooms that aren't in constant use is a good way to cut your electric bill if you don't have central air and are relying totally on a space heater to heat your home.

Use a small heater in small areas.

A portable heater is designed to heat small rooms rather than big open family rooms. Close off the room when you are using the portable heater to contain the heat. Never leave one unattended

Make sure your home is sealed.

You should eliminate drafts in your home no matter what kind of heat you are using. Drafts and leaks will let cold air seep in and that will make your rooms feel chilly.

Check the caulk around windows and the rubber seals on the bottom of outside doors. You may want to add a draft stopper along the bottom of your doors at night in the winter to keep cold air out.

Also, be sure to close your fireplace vent when you aren't using it because cold air comes through it too.

Closed windows

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Pick the right space heater.

Many options exist and some are meant for designed to heat an entire room while others are meant to heat only personal space. You should analyze your needs and your budget to pick one that is right for you. Some things to consider include:

  • Size
  • Safety
  • Features
  • Brands

A small heater is best for quickly heating personal spaces or smaller areas with only one or two people. They can be used in offices, workshops, reading nooks, and small family rooms or bedrooms. This is a portable heater that is convenient.

A large heater is capable of heating an entire standard room. Some even come with remote controls, temperature monitors, and the look of a fireplace. They can be expensive and aren't easily portable.

Safety should be paramount in any heater selection. Look for a tip-over off switch and a sensor that automatically turns it off if it overheats. Look for models that have labels showing they've been tested for safety and meet all U.S. safety standards. They will have the UL, CSA, or ETL label showing inspection.

A heater that has a thermostat control is an excellent way to control heat and keep energy costs down. You can set a temperature the same way as on your furnace and not need to keep turning the space heater on and off.

Blaux heatcore space heater

Those with multiple settings help conserve energy too by allowing you to choose the lowest setting that provides comfort to the space.

Brands can be important in picking a space heater as they have a reputation. Check for reviews of a heater you are considering as every product is different.

You can save money on your power bill by picking a quality utility heater that reduces the amount of energy it uses. One possible option is to get a high-efficiency mini heater that quickly heats your space.

Mini heaters are an affordable way to heat the space you are working in as a good one produces powerful heat quickly. Since a mini heater is easily portable, you can take it from room to room or even travel with it.

Some people use mini heaters in RVs and campers to take the chill off or to add some extra warmth to a hotel room while traveling.

Why is Blast Heatcore the best space heater?

The Blaux Heatcore Mini Heater is a portable heater that produces heat within five seconds quickly heating the air around you. It is great to use for personal space like an office or craft room. It's safe for children and pets as it has a tip-over cut-off switch and completely enclosed heating elements.

It also has fire retardant plastic housing, making it a safe option for your home.

Blaux heatcore space heater

The Blaux Heatcore uses less electricity than a standard portable heater with reviewers saying it uses only 700 to 1,200 watts of electricity an hour. Yet, it is powerful enough to keep you warm in your space.

The Blaux HeatCore mini heater is affordable so it saves your wallet at purchase too.This is why the Blast HeatCore is the best space heater for your home this winter.

Blaux heatcore space heater

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