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Special 50% OFF Discount On Now!

Blaux Bidet

by Blaux
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Blaux Bidet is your commitment to protecting the environment, prioritizing personal hygiene, and saving money.

After years of toilet paper waste, a product that literally gets flushed away until money’s gone, Blaux Bidet is an ingenious solution.

This Portable Bidet is a private, hand held wash station made for ultimate cleanliness and portable personal care.

Here’s what makes the Blaux Bidet such a life-saver: its compact, water-resistant design means you can take it with you wherever you go – no more using harsh chemicals or paper when you’re on the road!

For Instance, the adjustable nozzle provides a customized cleansing experience, while the interchangeable head let’s you target hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can enjoy up to 100 cycles of refreshing cleansing power without being tethered to an outlet.

Plus, it even comes with its own carrying case so you can discreetly stow it away in your purse or suitcase. 

  • BLAUX BIDET PORTABLE HANDHELD SPRAYER LETS YOU CLEAN AND REFRESH ANYWHERE - With the Blaux Portable Bidet For Women & Men it is now easier than ever before. This take-anywhere USB rechargeable electric portable bidet will keep both yourself feeling fresh at all times!
  • BIDET HAND HELD SPRAYER WITH TWO WATER PRESSURE OPTIONS - The blaux bidet has two water pressure options - high and low. This means that you can switch between a gentle stream for delicate areas or a powerful jet of clean water to get those stubborn stains out!
  • HAND HELD BIDET PORTABLE SIZE FOR EASY STORAGE - The small, discreet and portable bidet is easily stored in your bag when on the go. It blends seamlessly with any bathroom décor to make it an ideal addition for those who travel frequently or need a quick clean up at home without taking time off work!
  • PORTABLE TRAVEL WASHLET WITH USB CHARGING - The handheld personal bidet and toilet hand sprayer has quick USB charging and gives you up to 100 uses on a single 2-hour charge. Ensuring your portable toilet bidet always has power.
  • SMALL PORTABLE BIDET SPRAYER FOR A NATURAL, SUSTAINABLE CLEAN - The toilet bidet portable spray is a sleek and sustainable way to clean yourself naturally with fresh water, reduce your paper consumption by up 50% or more every time you use it. This handy little device also makes for an excellent camping trip - no need to waste precious resources on less than perfect campsites!
  • BIDET TRAVEL SPRAYER WITH 180-DEGREE MANOEUVRABILITY - The Blaux Bidet has a nozzle that can be turned 180 degrees, to cover as much of your skin with water and soap for an even clean. You decide whether you want the spray facing forward or back when using this personal bidet handheld shower head!
  • HYGIENIC PORTABLE BIDET FOR MEN AND WOMEN - The Blaux portable bidet electric sprayer is the perfect way to keep yourself clean and healthy on-the go! Not only does this innovative product provide a more thorough cleansing than any hand held device, but it saves you both time AND money
  • EASY TO USE CORDLESS BIDET HANDHELD SPRAY - Our bidet sprayer portable is designed to make you feel clean and refreshed. Simply fill up the Blaux travel bidet with water, adjust your nozzle preference or protect yourself from leaks by use of our convenient protective cover - no more worrying about spilling!
  • IPX6 WATER-RESISTANT ELECTRIC TRAVEL BIDET PORTABLE SPRAYER - You can count on our portable bidets to keep your bottom clean and dry no matter what the weather throws at you!
    A durable, IPX6 waterproof design means these things will resist splashes or sprays of water from all directions. They're fully protected so they stay functional even when taking a dip in some high waters—or just jumping into puddles for fun (don't worry; it's got an anti-skid rubber backing).
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE HAND BIDET TRAVEL SPRAY PACK? - The Blaux hand held bidet set has everything you need to stay clean at all hours of the day. Includes traveling bidet, handheld waterless toilet with magnetic connector for charging and 30 days money back guarantee 3x ID color rings (included), instruction manual.

Blaux Portable Bidet is a Better Way to Clean

  • Pure water offers a hypoallergenic cleanse for your sensitive skin
  • It is Easy to use and fill anywhere. Just press the button! 
  • Blaux Bidet has Two water pressure levels for your preference
  • A gentle stream cleans effectively and comfortably
  • Consistent use leads to improved hygiene that can relieve hemorrhoids, itchiness and discomfort
  • The sleek compact design is conveniently portable
Cleaner and More Hygienic than Toilet Paper

Cleaner and More Hygienic than Toilet Paper

The Blaux Portable Bidet pure water reserve can be refilled at any tap. The Blaux innovative design offers a new standard in personal cleanliness.

Regular toilet paper acts as a dry towel that smears waste rather than washes it away. Wet wipes clean more effectively, but can contain chemicals and toxins that lead to allergies and irritation.

Blaux Bidet is simply the best choice for pure, clean personal care.

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Blaux Bidet

Environmentally Friendly

The Blaux Portable Bidet is completely environmentally friendly. Forests are continually destroyed for the wasteful manufacture of toilet paper, but when you choose the Blaux Portable Bidet, you’re no longer part of the problem. Blaux Bidet is made from top-quality durable materials that last for years and years, saving trees and reducing waste.

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Blaux Bidet

Premium Quality Components

The Blaux Portable Bidet is gently refreshing to keep you clean and comfortable all day long with premium quality components.

The Blaux Portable Bidet has easy to adjust high and low water pressure options for your personal needs. Best of all, the pure water stream is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

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Blaux Bidet

Portable and Comfortable

Easy to carry with you and take wherever you go. Consistent use of the Blaux Portable Bidet can solve hemorrhoids, eliminate discomfort, soothe itchiness, and relieve pain to promote health.

The compact, sleek design fits in a bag or in your pocket for portable wellness and peace of mind.

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The Blaux Portable Bidet for Pure Personal Care

Blaux means saving trees and improving your health. The Blaux Portable Bidet is the ultimate solution for private hygiene, everywhere you go.