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Special 50% OFF Discount On Now!

Blaux Heatcore Space Heater

by Blaux
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Current price $89.99

Blaux HeatCore Space Heater is an innovative energy efficient space heater with convection ceramic heating technology that rapidly emits hot air while using less power, making it more energy-efficient than other heating solutions.

The easy to use ceramic heater has adjustable settings, so you can control exactly how much heat blows out of the device. The ceramic heater with thermostat also has a timer for safety and convenience.

Rapid Personalized heating with Blaux HeatCore Space Heater

  • POWERFUL SPACE HEATER: With a powerful indoor space heater, feel 1200W of heating power instantly. With rapid 5-second warming and control your comfort with an eco timer as well as multiple heat settings you'll never have to worry about being cold in your room again!
  • POWERFUL INDOOR SPACE HEATER: With the rapid 5-second warming and control your comfort with an eco timer, this indoor space heater saves you energy while also saving money.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT SPACE HEATER: Heating your home with an electric or gas fireplace is great, but it can't keep the air around you clean.

    That's where Heatcore comes in! Our unique filter catches dust and hair while keeping warmth near; no more having to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics- we'll make sure that both are satisfied thanks our patented design which features superheated water surrounded by insulation so there will always be fresh oxygen flow throughout every room of your house no matter what time during day/night cycle you choose .
  • LUXURY PORTABLE HEATER FOR ROOM OR THE OFFICE: The ultra-compact and lightweight design lets you bring the cozy comfort of Heatcore anywhere. Unlike other ugly portable heaters, Heatcore comes with sleek fluid edges that make it modern enough for any room in your house or office space while still being able to provide instant warmth when needed! There's no need plugin; simply turn on the device by pressing once & let time do all work (literally) -

  • SAFE ROOM HEATER: The Blaux Heatcore is an ETL approved ceramic space heater that brings you the next generation of safety features, such as a tip-over switch and overheat protection. It's made with advanced flame resistant materials to keep your family safe from accidents in their own home!
  • PERSONAL HEATER FOR YOUR OFFICE:  Heatcore Heater will soon be the only thing you need to keep your feet warm. It has an innovative design that ensures quiet operation and targeted, focused heating output anywhere in your home or office with its angled base!

Other Features:

  • Rapid, targeted, personalized energy efficient space heater
  • Convection ceramic electric fan heater technology
  • Antimicrobial filter installed, catches dust and prevents mold
  • Fan mode (no heat), 1200 Watt High Heat fan max temp 175°C, Low Heat fan max temp 135°C
  • Mini portable heater with pedestal design for cord-wrap convenience and timer function