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Special 50% OFF Discount On Now!

Blaux In Home Scented Sachets

by Blaux
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These scented sachets for the Blaux In Home Air Ionizer work wonders to not just replace the original scent bags, but to improve their performance as well.

Available in four different aromas: Lavender, Yuzu and Fresh Linen, and neutral charcoal. 

Your air will be cleaner and fresh as soon as you put them inside your Blaux In-Home Air Ionizer!

Blaux In-Home Scented Sachets are:

  • Available in three scented aromas: Lavender, Pacific Linen, and Yuzu; as well as neutral Charcoal
  • Lavender sachet is a pleasant springtime sort of aroma that will fill your home with extra energy
  • The Yuzu scent is incredibly popular, with the almost citrusy yuzu fruit sent filling spaces right away
  • The Fresh linen scent is perfect for those that don’t want anything overpowering, but still love a clean, gentle sent to fill up their spaces