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How to Use a Portable Bidet? - Etshera Housewares

How to Use a Portable Bidet?

A bidet is a personal hygiene appliance that helps people clean up after using the bathroom. For a more sanitary cleaning, the bidet replaces toilet paper with a stream of water. Bidets are frequent in foreign nations, although they are not always guaranteed. Therefore, by carrying your own portable bidet, you can stay clean anywhere! But how do you use these small handheld hygiene gadgets?

Following the completion of your toilet business, a portable bidet employs a water-filled bottle with a nozzle that is aimed at the required cleaning region. The bottle is then squeezed, or a battery-powered motor will produce the water stream, depending on the model you own. This stream will then cleanse your genital and bottom area, leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Continue reading to learn more about portable bidets, including how these portable hygiene gadgets work, as well as how to use a portable bidet, what the best portable bidet available on the market today is, and more.

What Is a Portable Bidet?

A portable bidet is a bidet that can be used on the go. A bidet is a toilet-like bathroom fixture that offers a stream of warm water for personal washing instead of toilet paper.

People who have a variety of genital or rectal issues, or who just want to get cleaned up after defecating, can benefit from a bidet. With the extra ease of portability, overall, portable bidets provide the same advantages as a fixed bidet but allow you to be able to stay clean, anywhere you go.

There are several brands and kinds of portable bidets available on the market; while some have extra features, they all perform the same basic purpose. Overall, these gadgets should primarily consist of two components. These include a nozzle and a bottle attachment.

Electric and non-electric models are also both available. This implies that you will either need to click a button and wait for the gadget to operate itself or squeeze the bottle attachment to generate enough pressure to spray water on your behind as you clean yourself. For more info on what portable bidets are, click here.

Blaux portable bidet spraying water

How Does a Portable Bidet Work?

Portable bidets work by allowing you to stay clean on the go. For example, instead of opting for toilet paper after completing your business, why not give yourself a wash with a stream of water to really make sure you're clean? Portable bidets allow you to do this with ease regardless of whether you're at home or in the stall of a public washroom.

For more info on how portable bidets work, click here.

Why Should You Use A Portable Bidet?

If you're concerned about the environment and personal hygiene, or if you've been to Europe or Japan regularly, you may be familiar with the bidet. Standard bidets spray water from a basin that you crouch over to clean your nether regions, replacing the need for toilet paper. They are inexpensive, ecologically beneficial, and sanitary.

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The issue is that you cannot bring a standard bidet that is permanently installed in your bathroom with you when you travel. So, a portable bidet is a great option if you want to save toilet paper and keep clean wherever you go.

For example, since a portable bidet eliminates the need to bring a tonne of toilet paper, if you're camping and far from flush toilets, these tiny hygiene gadgets can work a treat and help you feel refreshed. Additionally, you won't feel bad about leaving your used toilet paper behind when you leave your campground.

How to Use a Portable Bidet?

In order to properly use your portable bidet, you must first bring your travel bidet wherever you go. Take note, however, that in order to operate your portable bidet, you will also need to have access to clean water.

Depending on the model you own, you will need to fill the device with clean water. Then, once you finish your business, aim the nozzle at the area you want to clean and either press the button or squeeze the bottle with enough force that the stream of water washes everything away and leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

Filling a Blaux Portable bidet with clean water

How to Use a Travel Bidet?

A travel bidet works in the same way in which a portable bidet works. These bidet models are often known to be smaller and less technical. This means that your travel bidet will most likely require you to squeeze the bottle in order to obtain a stream of water from the nozzle.

What Is Considered The Best Portable Bidet on The Market?

Blaux Portable Bidet

When looking for the best portable bidet, look no further than the Blaux Portable Bidet. Considering you can take this tiny hygiene gadget everywhere, the Blaux Portable Bidet is deemed one of the best portable bidets on the market today.

This bidet is not only lightweight but also discrete, and portable. Therefore, one can simply tuck it in their luggage when on the move or have it seamlessly blend in with the decor in their bathroom.

Overall, the Blaux Portable Bidet is recommended by both experts and consumers alike for being both stylish and providing individuals with an environmentally friendly travelling cleaning option. After all, wherever you go, the Blaux Portable Bidet can leave you feeling your best with a refreshing, environmentally conscious way to clean your most vulnerable private areas.

Blaux Portable Bidet

Final Thoughts

Portable bidets work by allowing the user to manually clean themselves after performing their business in the bathroom. Nonetheless, if you're confused about how to use the device, don't worry- it's simple!

Firstly, when it comes to using your portable bidet, you will need to add clean water to the device. Then, when you're done, point the nozzle in the direction you want to clean. Depending on the model you own, you will then need to either push the button or squeeze the bottle hard enough to let the water stream wash everything away and leave you feeling clean and fresh.

Overall, when looking for the best and most discreet portable bidet, fortunately, one needs to look no further than the Blaux Portable Bidet. After all, the Blaux Portable Bidet can leave you feeling your best wherever you go by providing a refreshing, ecologically aware approach to cleaning yourself.

For more information about the Blaux Portable Bidet and other portable home gadgets, visit

Get your Blaux Portable Bidet Today

Get your Blaux Portable Bidet Today!

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